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The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotel Group (HSH) established a Corporate Responsibility Committee in 2007 and became part of the International Tourism Partnership in 2012.

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To deliver on both luxury and sustainability is not without challenge, but we see a genuine opportunity to achieve this in a way that complements our heritage of quality, thoughtfulness and meticulous attention to detail. 2013 already saw some of our operations making great strides in crafting the path towards sustainable luxury.

Mr Clement K.M. Kwok, Chief Executive Officer of HSH

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotel Group and Responsible Business

HSH aspires to deliver the highest standard of luxury in a sustainable way and are currently working towards their Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020. This new vision sets out more than 50 economic, social and environmental goals to achieve by 2020. Ambitions include reducing 25% water and energy intensity reduction, 60% waste diversion rate through recycle, reuse and donation and provide self-bottled water for guestrooms and meetings to reduce plastic waste. Community ambitions include engaging 10% of all employees in community service and contributing 100,000 hours of community service by 2020.

As part of ITP HSH have been involved in working groups on carbon, supply chains and water.

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