Green Hotelier Awards – shared learning on responsible business

  • January 26, 2016


ITP works with its members to help them collaborate to improve their own impacts in sustainability and to be more responsible businesses. By working together, as an industry we can push for bigger changes and achieve more across our social and environmental programmes.

But we’ve always been keen to share what we’ve learned – and the tools we’ve created – with any hoteliers who are striving to be more responsible and conscientious but have fewer resources to achieve that.

Green Hotelier has long been our means for sharing news and developments in the CR world of the hospitality industry, and our voice for urging greater improvements and stronger targets. We make a point of sharing all our tools and resources for free so that any hotelier, no matter how big or small their property, wherever they are in the world or how far they are on their sustainability journey can access and use them to improve their own impacts. Since Green Hotelier became a digital magazine we’ve been able to reach more hoteliers around the world ensuring knowledge of the means to become more environmentally and socially sustainable is spread further and wider.

It’s these far-flung hoteliers who are often working hard in relative isolation and are leading the way in their region simply from a desire to be good neighbours, to improve the lives of those living nearby and to create a more promising future for younger generations who often have the best stories to tell and the most to teach us. Their occasional missteps and big local impacts offer us the most to learn from.

That’s why we run the Green Hotelier Awards. By making the awards free, quick and easy to enter we hope to attract hoteliers from all around the world and with all kinds of properties to share their stories of the changes they’ve made and the impacts they’ve had in their communities.

If you work in or you know a hotel which is working hard to be responsible; to reduce its carbon footprint, energy and water use; to reduce its waste and to be aware of human rights and an ethical employer, encourage them to apply for the awards and share their story so we can help tell the world about everything they’re doing to be a green hotelier. And we can all learn from them.



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