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Hyatt Hotels have been collecting data on water and energy consumption since 1994, when they also became part of the International Tourism Partnership. In 2011 Hyatt Thrive brought their CSR efforts together in on programme.

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Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day and to demonstrate care in everything we do. In a world that continues to be more connected, with even more people traveling, the opportunities and challenges for our business are multifaceted. Over the past several years, Hyatt’s significant global expansion has helped to confirm our strong belief that for our business to succeed, the world around us must also prosper.

Brigitta Witt, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility

Hyatt Hotels and Responsible Business

Hyatt Thrive aims to make a difference to the lives of people Hyatt touches and help the hotel company to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way during global expansion. The four pillars of Hyatt Thrive are environmental sustainability, education and career readiness, economic development and investment and health and wellness. Hyatt’s key partners in making this a reality include ITP and YCI.

In 2010 Hyatt was involved in the launch of the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative and has since implemented the carbon reporting system throughout hotels. Protecting human rights is a key concern of Hyatt’s and they have been actively involved developing ITP’s Position Statement on Human Trafficking. Hyatt continues to support YCI and in 2013 alone YCI students were trained in Brazil, Poland, Jordan, India and Mexico – 41% of the programmes’ graduates have since been employed by Hyatt hotels.

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